cropped-10557416_10154793466660217_8306244977505247930_n.jpgThose who know me in real life refer to me as, The Pirate. As much as that name represents me and my love for rum, my name is actually Kara.

I have set up this blog in an attempt to document my quest for the best rums around the world (according to me).

When it comes to rum, I am pretty much a Sailor Jerry’s kinda’ gal. I do not venture very far from the sweet caramel grasp of my old faithful… much to the annoyance of my friends and many bartenders. But now I am ready to move on, I am ready to throw myself into the wonderful world of rum and be as open-minded as possible.

I will be writing, filming and photographing my worldwide rum adventures and posting them here as well as on my twitter and YouTube page. I hope you will join me on my quest and please feel free to send me your rum recommendations for me to test out.

Kara x