I’ve never been a big fan of Bundaberg rum, I always found it a little too harsh for me personally and way too over powering in a mixer, but seeing as I was in Noosa for this years Food and Wine Festival, I decided to give some of the newer releases of Bundaberg rum a go.

First up: Bundaberg Rum, Small Batch

Description from: www.bundabergrum.com.au

Small Batch has been handcrafted for rum connoisseurs with every drop a testament to the craftsmanship that has gone into the maturing of every small batch.  Double distilled, matured with care and only released when the timing is right. This exquisite rum has been crafted by blending the finest Bundaberg Rum with some of the richest 8 year old reserves matured in 100 year old Port Barrels.  Complex rum with exceptional fruit flavours and the perfect balance of rich caramel and oak.

small batch.JPG

I’ve got to say, I was actually pleasantly surprised with this rum. For my first glass I did not add any ice to the rum as I wanted to see how quickly the Bundy burn would disperse. By my third sip the Bundy burn was completely gone and I could taste all the wonderful fruity flavours it had to give- the honey and vanilla really stuck out most to me.

Compared to the original, this is far more pleasing to my palette. I could definitely see myself having a glass or two of this whilst out- mixing it with ginger beer could also be a winner!

Although it is a little more expensive than your average spiced rum ($65), I personally think you get your monies worth. Not only will it leave you wanting more, but you will also want to share it with your friends as an after dinner tipple.



Second up: Bundaberg Tropic, Mango & Passion fruit

Description from: www.bundabergrum.com.au

At the Bundaberg Distilling Company we know a thing or two about spirit and delicious tropical fruit flavours. With the Tropic of Capricorn running through the heart of Queensland at 23.5 degrees, we also know how to have fun whilst the sun is over our heads.


I personally loved this! I crushed up some ice, threw in a slug of Tropics and had my head blown cleanly off. Fresh, sweet and refreshing… everything I want in a rum. I could actually see myself reaching for this during a Sydney heat wave.

This could be a little sweet for those who are not too keen on sweet drinks, but due to me having a sweet tooth, I found this to be delicious.

On the back of the bottle it suggests mixing it with lemonade, I personally think this would not really benefit it at all. It already has so much flavour and you wouldn’t want that to get lost under your mixer.  That being said, I could be dead wrong. Please let me know if you have tried Bundaberg Tropic with the mixer suggestions,  what was your favorite concoction of choice and i’ll give it a go.

Priced at $35, I think this is very affordable for a 700ml bottle of summer rum. It has got my vote!



Based on just these two drinks, my view of Bundaberg Rum has changed for the better. A week ago, you would not have caught me saying anything of the sort but I can honestly say that I will no longer talk ill of Bundy Rum from now on… just don’t mix my coke with Bundaberg Rum Original ;-D