No matter the time or the occasion, my husband and I always head to Doris & Beryl’s for a cheeky nightcap or two. Doris & Beryl’s is a small bar situated near the end of South Kings Street, Newtown. You won’t find many seats here but what they lack in seats that make up in amazing service, beautiful brick-a-bracs around the bar and a hefty cocktail list. This place is a hidden little gem that I hope stays hidden for a little bit longer as I rather enjoy having this place to ourselves.


My usual at Doris & Beryl’s is Bacardi Superior White Rum whizzed up with a fresh green apple. Simple, fresh and dangerously moreish. Alas, on this occasion, I steered a little off course and I ordered my usual with a splash of Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 Rum.


On looks alone, I must admit, it is not the most appealing. When I order my usual with Barcardi Superior, my drink turns up with a bright slightly neon green colour yet with Ron Zacapa it turned up looking a bit like swamp water- not the greatest look but totally understandable seeing as it is a dark rum.

Taste wise; this cocktail was a no no. No fault of the rum itself, it just was not the type of rum that should be mixed with apple… or anything else in my eyes. This is a beautiful rum, rich in body and bountiful of flavours by itself. It is a stand alone rum that deserves its own platform without being dressed up with a mixer. Intense, flavoursome and smooth, everything you could really want in a rum.
So, although my cocktail may not have turned up how I wanted, what I learnt from that mistake is a lesson learnt. I will definitely be ordering my usual Barcardi and apple the next time I am out, but I can see myself also ordering myself Ron Zacapa Centenario 23 on ice also to finish my night off nicely.

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