Apologies for my late post on this; since landing back in Sydney I have been trying to get over a bout of Whooping cough- I actually had no idea adults could catch this I have been in hell for the last 11 days. Body aches, constant coughing and not eating much- I wouldn’t recommend it.

Any who, enough about me let’s get back to the rum.


Most of my time in Noosa consisted of drinking a lot of wine, eating a lot of food and taking extra long naps to ready myself for what the evening had in store for us. The only time I managed to get my hands on any sort of rum is when we decided to head to Spanish Quarter Markets on the Friday. Upon the entrance of the markets was the bustling Mojito stall, hosted by the guys from Rococo Noosa. Given the line, I decided to walk around and see if I could hone in on any other rum based poison. To my sadness there was nothing, so I headed on back over to the Mojito stand where I was faced with an even longer line. Gah!

havana bottle

Whilst I waited (trying not to be elbowed by some over zealous Mojito drinkers) I watched the Rococo Noosa staff work their magic. One tall glass, 2 scoops of sugar, lime juice, a handful of mint sprigs and a glugg of soda water. From here they mashed up all of the above ingredients and topped it off with a huge serving of Havana Club Añejo 3 Años on top of crushed ice. It was amazing to watch and even more amazing to taste- I could now understand why the line and the elbows were out in full force for these bad boys.

pouring havana

mixing drink

This mix was deliciously refreshing and incredibly moreish. I could not taste a lot of the tones from the Havana Club Añejo 3 Años rum, but this did not worry me as it is really a beverage made for mixing. I can’t see this rum being anything to shout about on its own, but then again without tasting it neat, how would I know… but sadly that is just a sense I get from it. I imagine it has got a horrendous after burn 🙁

Either way, I enjoyed my yummy Mojito and quickly polished them off, one by one.

Four mojitos down and I was ready to head on to the next establishment. We aimed for Miss Moneypenny’s but got swayed into a small little bar next door (that I seem to have forgotten the name of) and drank more rum and danced to the wee hours of the morning.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 18.19.10