So Sydney is flooding. No really, check it out on any social media page.


Trees are being uprooted left, right and centre, cars are being crushed, rain is falling vertically, umbrellas are rendered useless, flights are being cancelled and trashed white goods are hurling down the streets! It is pretty crazy! But, I have been bed bound for nearly 2 weeks and I was not staying in the house a moment more… come rain, hail or shine 😉

Rugged up, my husband and I set out for in search of a place to eat and drink. A few bars in and having met up with a friend along the way, we found ourselves on Enmore road peering in the window of Hartsyard salivating over the idea of their tasty food and superb cocktail list.

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 18.56.16.png
After a bit of a wait, (which is expected with Hartsyard) we grabbed a table. Matching the weather outside, I ordered myself a glass of their finest Dark & Stormy, and man I was not disappointed.
A highball glass with ice, a generous portion of Gosling’s Black Rum, ginger, soda and a nice squeeze of lime. Bellissimo! Sweet, warming and damn right delicious, this cocktail is my kinda cocktail and perfect for this kind of weather. I walked out of Hartsyard wanting to know everything about Gosling’s Black Rum- I also now want to add Bermuda to my travel list 🙂
I have never heard of Gosling’s Black Rum until a few people recommended I try it for my rum blog. By itself, it has beautiful butterscotch and caramel tones which I simply can’t resist at the best of times. Mix that with ginger beer and you got yourself a party in your mouth!

Retailed at about $66 per 700ml bottle may seem a little steep, but I would happily pay that for such a easy drinking rum. With myself being known for only drinking spiced rum, finding enjoyment in a dark rum leaves me excited for the rest of the rums I am going to try on this quest.

Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 18.17.36


I would like to apologies for the quality of photos I have posted for this review. I did not want to bring my camera out in this weather so had to use my iPhone. Don’t hate me 🙁