I had a few hours to kill after work on Friday so I decided to take a little stroll up King Street to pass the time. As to be expected, it did not take me long to unearth a fantastic happy hour and set up camp.

the corridor

From Monday to Friday between 5pm–7pm, the Corridor serve up $5 pints and $10 cocktails- I have been here many times before and still believe that this place is a bloody goldmine! Because of that, this aptly named bar is known to get super busy and uncomfortably cosy! With that being said, the bar tenders are awesome and do their best to make sure everyone is served as quick as possible with a bit of banter thrown in for good measure.

As it was insanely busy when I dropped by, I quickly cast my eyes over their cocktail list and moved in on their Dark and Stormy. The bar tender filled my jar (I know, but this is Newtown) with ice, added a whole can of Kirks Olde Stoney Ginger Beer and topped it up with not one but two shots of Gosling’s Black Seal Rum. Garnished with a lime wedge, a sprig of mint and we were ready to roll.

corridor dirnk

Now I love rum and I love ginger beer, but honestly this was possibly the hardest Dark and Stormy I have ever tried to drink! I am not sure if it was down to the very generous amount of rum they put in to my jar or the type of ginger beer it was teamed up with, but it took my nearly an hour to drink this cocktail – not very like me. I am still struggling to put my finger on what was not to my liking about it: was it just too gingery? Was it just too rummy? Either way, the struggle was real and I had to throw my hands up in defeat by the end of it- yes, of course I finished it!

Compared to the Dark and Stormy I had at Hartsyard the weekend before, (which is probably a very unfair comparison) Hartsyard gets my vote in the Dark and Stormy battle. That hasn’t knocked me though, I will certainly be heading back to the Corridor in the near future. It is such a great little place and I have not had a bad drink there before. I just will be ordering something else off the menu next time 🙂

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