I walk past Arcadia liquor every night on my way home from work through Redfern. A few times my husband and I have attempted to grab a seat here, but it always seems so busy in there! So when I passed by, on a freezing Thursday night I spotted a few empty seats at the bar and took it upon myself to grab one and treat myself to a cheeky tipple.

arcaida liqour- outside

After hopping up on a bar stool, I had a little peak at their drinks menu where I spotted an apple and rum cocktail for only 14 squid ($14)… That’s the winner right there!

For a simple cocktail made with fresh green apples, a shot of Flor De Cana Extra Seco 4 Year Old White Rum and a generous amount of maple syrup on ice, I have to say this was very, very yummy cocktail. Deliciously light, super delicate and not at all overly sweet -which is crazy considering the amount of maple syrup they poured into the mix.

What I think made this cocktail stand out was also the hints of coconut and vanilla the white rum added to it. Produced in Nicaragua, Flor De Cana Extra Seco 4 Year Old White Rum is advertised as one of the world’s best ‘Single Estate’ rum brands. Not made for sipping, but a fantastic mixer- which I can definitely vouch for with this cocktail.

arcadia liqours- apple and rum

Three more cocktails and two cheese and ham toasties later, I skipped home very keen to tell my husband about how nice Arcadia liquor is and how we should try and get a table there asap!

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