the dock- outside

Redfern’s tiniest bar has a lot to offer: friendly staff, live music and inexpensive drinks. I walked in, not really sure what I fancied to drink after a long day at work, but after talking it over with Daniel O’Leary (the bar owner), he served me up a Kraken Black Spiced Rum on the rocks. I was not sure how I felt about drinking a much-loved mixer straight, but Dan seemed pretty certain that I would like it… and I did!

the dock

I, along with many other people probably wouldn’t consider having a glass of Kraken as a suitable sipping drink, but to my surprise it was actually really nice. Served with a ball of ice and an orange rind, this was a lighter, sweeter tasting rum with no burn what so ever.


I would consider Kraken Spiced Black Rum to be the gentler version of Goslings Black Seal Rum. This could be because I am pretty new to most of these new rums I have been trying recently, but in my personal opinion, Kraken definitely sits on my palette a little better then most spiced rums I have had straight on this quest so far. Who knows, maybe as my palette develops l’ll change my mind ,but for now Kraken on the rocks get a big fat….


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