You can probably tell from most of my posts that I have a thing for small, dimly lit bars with a vast cocktail menu. The Bearded Tit is of no exception when it comes to this but they have a little extra to offer compared to all the others. The first thing you see when you walk in is how all the walls are covered with a variety of taxidermy, old carnival photos and local artists pieces dotted around the bar. They also work with local artists to keep their fantastic display window ever changing. This is an incredible little bar which reminds me of a pub that I hold dear based in the UK; The Hemingford Arms.

bearded tit- outside

I was lucky enough to grab a stool at the bar -the last time I dropped in, it was heaving with people to the point of uncomfortableness. I grabbed a drinks menu where I spotted their, “Not so old fashioned” cocktail. My husband always drinks a rye old-fashioned when we go out, so I thought I would try this rum based rendition to see what was cracking.

Ron Zacapa 23yo rum, Angostura Bitters, a flamed orange peel twist all served up on a ball of ice- it looked and smelt amazing! Now, just to take you back for a moment, my first experience with Ron Zacapa 23yo rum did not go down too well due to me drinking it with a fresh apple mixer- EEEEK!  I was looking forward to giving it another go in a more purer form.

bearded tit- rum old fashioned

Sadly, I don’t think I am ready for Ron Zacapa 23yo rum just yet. I am sure the more rums I try the better I will get at handling none spiced rums… but right now, I think they are a little out of my league. Yes it was smooth, and yes it smelt gorgeous, but I could not pick up much taste which left it pretty bland and disappointing. I won’t give up though! This quest has only just begun, and I will find enjoyment in the mighty Ron Zacapa sooner or later.


Screen Shot 2016-08-21 at 18.21.48