If it was not so debilitating for ones health, I could eat salted caramel anything all day every day. Honestly, the combination of salt, sugar and fat is what I would consider the real Holy Trinity of which I would happily be forever devoted. Alas, it is, so I have to enjoy such a treat sparingly 🙁  So when I was given to chance to try out Bundaberg’s newest release, ‘Bundaberg Royal Liqueur Salted Caramel’ I couldn’t pass up the opportunity- cos’ surely if it is liquified salted caramel, it is not as bad for you 😉

Now, as most of you know, I am not the biggest fan of Bundy Rum yet I am always open to a brand branching out with new ideas and expanding their produce range… and what a way to expand indeed. On looks alone, the bottle is pretty bloody baller! It reminds me of a crystal decanter which gives an element of richness and glamour to the drink before you even have a taste- which I love!


Smell wise, it smells like a sweet dessert. A sweet, salty, rummy dessert… what is not to love about that.

Now for the taste. Well, it knocked my socks off for sure. I poured a little bit over some ice and waiting for it to cool a little. Upon my first sip, I was instantly hit with the sweet and salty tones of the salted caramel. Then the heat of the rum comes on a few seconds later. Although I could see a lot of people loving this drink, I personally found it way too sweet, which was pretty disappointing as the first few sips were really nice. I found the after taste a little to artificial, which is what put me off in the end. This could say more about me then the drink itself though, so I would recommend you all to try it yourself as an after dinner drink. It is not one to just throw back and have another, it is a sip and savour sort of tipple after a heavy dinner where dessert is out of the question.

I think this would be amazing poured over a milky base, like ice-cream, the liquor element in a tiramisu or a rum version of the White Russian- oh my god that would be amazing!!!

I am really excited about what is in store for Bundaberg Rum, they have released some really nice tipples lately that I have enjoyed tasting. I can’t wait to see what else is in store.

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