Every now and then I am lucky enough to be sent rums from around the world to taste and review. Recently, ISSAN Rum sent me a sample of their award winning ISSAN light rum. Sadly, when the rum arrived, the lid on the bottle had actually managed to become loose during transit and leaked some of the rum throughout the package. Thankfully it was only a little spillage so there was plenty left for me to have a taste of.


Smell wise, a little harsh on the nose, alas, once the initial ‘whoa’ subsides, you can catch the scent of mango and possibly pineapple.

On the tongue, I found this rum pretty harsh (wait, hear me out!). I find most rum has an initial heat/burn that lingers for a while. Not always pleasant. ISSAN Rum has a quick punch (burn), which actually disperses really quickly allowing your senses to be opened, giving way for all the fruity, citrus tones to slip on through.


With that being said, I didn’t really enjoy this as a sipping rum. Hearing my cries, my husband ran to the shops in his PJ’s, grabbed me a mango and banana juice. He whizzed up some ice to a slushy consistency, and served up an amazingly fresh cocktail. THIS is what this rum is made for: a fresh, light, tropical summer cocktail. So good! I didn’t want it to end 🙂


In my opinion this is a rum made for mixing. I am so used to rums that are of a rich, oaky, caramel nature, so this rum was a welcome change. Light, fruity, and refreshing, I think this rum would be a handy addition to any cocktail makers collection.

ISSAN Rum is located in the heart of Nong Khai , an area of Thailand that I would love to visit. So my aim is to go and visit their distillery next year. It would be great to cut a little video for my blog that details the process of getting this fine drink from the sugar cane fields to the bottle on the shelf.


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Thanks to ISSAN for sending through my first rum to review. I really enjoyed tasting what you have on offer!