My husband surprised me recently with a bottle of Ron Santiago de Cuba Extra Añejo 12 Años. Al came across this rum whilst watching an episode of, “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” Cuba, where he was enjoying it straight, in a plastic cup, on a beach… and Al rightly thought, what’s good enough for Anthony Bourdain, is good enough for me 😉


Looks: this rum looks stunning. Rich red oak tones, which are accentuated by the gold-rimmed label, this rum looks like it means business.

Smell: it smells like treacle. Rich, sweet and may even be perfect to pour over your pancakes… okay, well maybe not as it would not have the consistency, but if it did, it would be replacing my Nutella on pancakes every morning J This smells like something I would like.

Taste: Woah! I was not expecting that! It hits you hard, real hard, right in the back of your throat. But after the initial shock of the first sip, I then begin to pick up the subtle flavours it has to offer. Chocolate, caramel… maybe even some hazelnut (which is probably why I thought of Nutella earlier), all of the things I love!

I really like this rum! It’s one I would not mix; although I bet it would not be terrible if it was served with an ice cold Coca Cola OR a bomb ass Cuba Libre! I loved the layers it has and I love how quickly the initial burn dispersed- always a good thing. This is a very exciting rum to have in your collection and it would be a rum I’d probably be talking about for a while.

Looking more in to this rum, I found that this rum is very common in Cuba- even a favoured tipple of Fidel Castro. Retailed at $80 here in Oz, I will be filling up my suitcase with a few bottles of these to bring back home if I ever go to Cuba.


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