El Dorado Rum is pretty much the only rum that everyone raves about. Whenever I am asked about my rum quest, people stress that I need to try out as many El Dorado Rums as possible. Luckily, I was sent a box of El Dorado Super Premium Rum Collection recently, which consists of years 12, 15 and 21.


So, thinking strategically, I started with the youngest rum of the bunch, 12 year. I poured half the bottle in to an empty crystal glass, and the other half in to a crystal glass with ice- the reason I gave myself two options is because I am still getting my head around drinking rums at room temperature.


Straight away, I am hit with the sweet smell of brown sugar, sweet spices like cinnamon and to top it off, dried orange. My taste buds went crazy and began to rev up with interest. I decided to let my rum breath for a while, as I wanted to take some photos of the bottle for my blog. Within minutes my apartment smelt like Christmas! Honestly, that is literally the only way I can explain how this rum smells without sounding like a dick!

The smell was driving me a little bit crazy, so I put the camera down, cupped my glass of rum like it was a hot chocolate and took my first sip. Oh. My. Jebus! What an amazingly smooth rum we have here! Brown sugar, chocolate and orange flavours grab hold of my taste buds and do not let go. This rum has little to no burn at all and has a lovely soothing warmth to it. Just perfect!


Half way through my glass of 12 year, I began to eye up the bottle of 15 year – this is either a good sign due to the rum being THAT tasty… or the fact that I may be a borderline alcoholic? Alas, I managed to keep myself together and save it for a later date 😉

In regards to adding ice, I personally feel that it did not benefit the rum at all. Some rums have too much bite in the first few sips, and it is known that adding a bit of ice makes it a little more palatable. Amazingly enough, this rum was best left alone.

El Dorado Rum 12 year is one of the most enjoyable aged rums I have had so far on this quest. In no way is it too heavy or too harsh like a few I have tried before. When Christmas rolls round, I know which tipple I will be gravitating towards.


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