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The Black Sheep is an old favorite of ours. It’s one of the first bars we ever checked out when we moved to Newtown… It’s also where I experienced my first freshly squeezed apple and rum cocktail- AMAZING! It’s a fantastic little venue, full of all my favorite things: taxidermy, Jenga, and great music. Food, if a little salty, is reasonably priced and cocktails start from $12- whatta’ steal!.

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Any-who, on this fateful night, I was enjoying my old favorite, Sailor Jerry’s and Coke. While I was wiping the floor with my hubby’s ass at Janga, Al headed to the bar to grab us another drink. Triumphantly, I managed to peal this one particularly tricky block out and place it on top. As I threw my hands up in the air and preceded to have a little victory dance, I noticed Al looking a tad concerned as he made his way back to out table. He broke the news to me that The Black Sheep had just run out of Sailor Jerry’s (WHAT?) and was suggested an alternative called Cargo Cult Spiced Rum. A little disappointed, I gave my drink a little smell (just incase I could get some indication as to what was in store for me) and gave Al a sullen look- I could not smell anything! Knowing that I would be a little apprehensive about this change in rum, Al had already asked the bar tender if it would be much different to ye’ ol faithful, to which the bar tender assured him that I would not notice the difference. Well I noticed the difference all right. It was bloody disgusting

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On my first sip, the taste hit me like a ton of bricks. No way was this similar to the sweet, velvety vanilla taste you would get from a Sailor Jerry’s and Coke. This was harsh and pretty rough as soon as it hit all the senses on my tongue. The only way I could offer you an insight as to what I had just experienced is if I take you back to my childhood. One day beautifully hot day, I was super thirsty, discovered what I thought was a refreshing can of Coca Cola, took a big gulp and got a mouth full of ash and cigarette butts- yes, this actually happened and is why I have never, and would never smoke.

Shocked, I had a quick Google search and found that this rum had botanicals like ginger, cardamom and clove in it- this is probably where the harsh ashy taste came from. I am not a fan of any of these flavours, which is probably why I disliked this rum so much.

I could not finish my drink. I tried a few more sips, but I could not bring myself to finish it. But, to give Cargo Cult Spiced Rum some credit, I could picture this rum doing well as the base for a Dark’ n’ Stormy cocktail. So to make this a fair rating, I will be reviewing this rum by itself at a later date as well as in a Dark’n’Stormy cocktail. But, Cargo Cult Spiced Rum with Cocoa Cola is a big no no!