Today is National Rum Punch Day! And what better way to celebrate such a fantastic occasion, then by making the finest Jamaican Rum punch to see out the day 🙂

Having never made a rum punch in my life, I headed to Google to seek a ‘how to…’ and found a pretty simple yet delicious recipe. I had to make a few adjustments to this punch due to not having everything the recipe requested, so please no judging on my choice of ingredients:

-15ml lime juice
-12oml orange, mango and apple juice
-12oml pineapple juice
-60ml of Captain Morgans Jamaican Rum
-60ml Bacardi Superior White Rum
-A a splash of grenadine for colour


Pretty much, all you have to do it mix it all together, serve on ice and Bobs your uncle, you have a Rum Punch!


I loved this! Yes I may have poured a little more Captain Morgans in to this punch then stated, but I can only think that would have only helped this rum punch along.

Fruity, sweet, and super … strong healthy (surely all that fruit counteracts all that rum?), there is nothing I could fault about this drink… other than it being pretty lethal (not really a fault, just a warning). Honestly after just half a glass, my husband and I were feeling the effects. Tingly toes ahoy! All we needed was a hammock, a tropical island and the ocean breeze to complete this buzz. Alas, it is now 11:20pm on a Wednesday night and we are in bed with an electric blanket on due to the cold. Gah!


The one thing I forgot to add to this rum punch was nutmeg. I am not too sure what that could have added to the mix, but I guess I will have to make another to find out 😉

Give it a try, and let me know how you get on. Also, if you have your own rum punch ingredients, please feel free to share them as I would love to give them a crack .