Hey there fellow rummers!

I can’t believe that we are already half way through October! Where has this year gone?? Seriously, I am honestly shocked that it is almost Christmas time again and 2017 begins in only 106 days! Any who, from now on, each month I am going to compile a ‘Wishlist’ of all the top rums I have read, seen or been told about that I would love to try in the near future.

So here goes:bayou_spiced_rum

1. Bayou Spiced Rum

I read about Bayou Spiced Rum on World Rum Awards website. Made with Louisiana grown ingredients, this rum is described as a special gumbo of spices, which creates a unique and satisfying blend that makes it the perfect rum for mixing. Sounds incredible to me!


2. Diplomático Reserva Exclusiva

This is one rum that I keep coming across on my quest. Described as an elegant and complex sipping rum, made from the purest of sugar cane honeys. Distilled in ancient copper and aged in oak for up to twelve years, this rum seems like it means business
in this big ol’ world of rum.

3. Clement XO Rhum

Rhum Clément X.O. is a blend of aged rums from the 1976, 1970 and 1952. Each vintage adds spice, toffee, and tobacco flavours. One mixed, it is placed in possibly one of the most beautiful rum bottles I have ever seen.


4. Reserva De La Familia Serralles18954_bc70af643611b5d597a2ac7b11efcee8

Described as Don Q’s most elite bottles of rum ever and costing an eye watering $ 2156.24, this rum is considered the most innovative of rums around. It also comes in a sweet ass, pimping box! Totally worth all the monies… or not?




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