So here we are, the last bottle of my El Dorado rum trilogy. So far, this little box of samples has left me enlightened yet rather perplexed. You see, I always assumed the older a rum gets in age, the better it is. Well that is not the case for ol’, El Dorado here. In my eyes, 12 Year Old gets a much higher vote on the taste scale then old mate, 15 Year Old. So how will 21 Year Old compare… well let’s find out, shall we 🙂


Appearance: As to be expected; looks like a standard aged rum: golden brown in colour and wet to the touch.

Aroma: The aroma is pretty citrusy to be honest. Alongside the smell of dates and brown sugar, there is a very distinguished orangey smell that stands out the most to me.


Taste: As I took my first sip, I was instantly hit with the most incredibly warming sensation. Dried fruit, toffee, brown sugar and spices made for a wonderful, sweet experience. The after-burn was nowhere in sight and that made me happier than you could ever imagine. For a slight moment, I even contemplated whether El Dorado 12 Year Old had met it’s match. That was until the orange peel taste set in, resulting  in an overwhelming dry finish. This is not always a bad thing, in-fact I’ve had a few dry rums in the past that I have rather enjoyed. I guess the sweet smell this rum has gave the impression that it would have a pretty silky smooth finish. Either way, it is very good up until that point.


Conclusion:  Out of all three of these rums, El Dorado 21 Year Old sits happily at second place for me.El Dorado 12 Year Old comes first due to it’s sweet and smooth nature. El Dorado 15 Year Old comes last due to it’s overall bitterness.


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In my eyes, there’s no better way to soak up the excess of Melbourne Cup Day then by heading to one of Sydney’s famous rum bars, Rosie Campbell’s. Now I’m not going to lie, I did myself a bit of a doozy this Melbourne Cup and was feeling pretty sorry for myself for a little while after. So to receive this invite was possibly the best thing ever! But I could not go it alone, so I invited lifestyle & fashion blogger, Bunny Bernice to come with me and share the experience.


The brainchild of Rosie Campbell’s is Graham Cordery (The Soda Factory). During a trip the Jamaica, Graham fell in love with the Jamaican culture and decided to bring it to Sydney, and for that I will be forever grateful 🙂


First, you are instantly hit by the amazing technicolour scheme they have as soon as you enter; canary yellows, baby blues and tropical greens. Oh my! The sweet and spicy aromas that flow from the kitchen is no doubt second, and the third is the insane amount of rum they have just plotting behind the bar – if there was such a thing as heaven on earth for me, this place would be it!




We were welcomed with a selection of cocktails. First up was their Friday special, The Dusty Daiquiri. This cocktail is made up of house made Falernum, Angostura Bitters, fresh lime and generous amount of Pampero Especial. A daiquiri is usually made with white rum, sugar syrup and lime juice but this cocktails base was made with a deeper, more intense golden rum from Venezuela. I found this rum added some much needed sweetness to what you would usually get from a daiquiri, here you get a sweeter cocktail which is super smooth and super delicate. So good!


Next up was Rosie’s Coco Colada, one of Rosie’s signature cocktails. There is so much to love about the Coco Colada! Pampero Dark Rum infused with Pimento, pineapple, coco lopez, sugarcane, lime and banana foam slushie all served up in a coconut! It’s fun, flashy, and oh so boozy! This one is a show stopper for those who love a super sweet treat.


Rosie Campbell’s cocktail list was created by award winning geeza, Mikey Enright (Palmer & Co, The Barber Shop), so it is not a menu to mess with.


As Bernice and I talked about all things rum (did you know her favourite cocktail is a Long Island Iced Tea) and social media, we were served up an amazing tasting plate of delicious treats from Rosie’s menu.

Jerk chicken wings $22

These twice cooked chicken wings are very tasty. This is not the type of jerk chicken that I grew up on, but these wings are tasty none the less. Sweet, slightly spicy and a nice crispy skin, I could happily dive in to a full bucket of these and be quiet content.


Jerk Chicken Burger $12

You can’t go wrong with this super juicy chicken burger and jerk seasoned fries. I love the contrast of the sweet and spicy jerk chicken served on top of a fresh, crisp coleslaw. That combo always makes me super happy.


Red Stripe Beer Braised Oxtail $20

I was a little worried about this dish. Whenever I have had oxtail in the past, it has either come in soup form or a pretty boney piece of meat that has no flavor or substance. But what was served up here was a whole different ball game. A bowl arrived full of the most amazing slow cooked meaty meaty goodness- 9 hours to be exact. This oxtail was flavored within the inch of its life in the most gorgeous, rich gravy which just made me wish it was cold and rainy outside so I could get the full effect of it warming my cockles. Some may say it is a little on the fatty side, but I personally believe that is where is all the flavor is at – I may have to start putting Red Stripe Beer in all my meat dishes from now on!


Grilled Jerk chicken $20 

Marinated chargrilled chicken thigh served with a side of coconut rice and a wedge of lime. This was the winner for me. Although the rice was a little on the flavourless side, the chicken was super succulent, far from dry and full of flavour! Faultless in my eyes… and mouth!


Dem Belly Full Ribs $20

A close second for me was these bad boys. Two long stripes of slow-cooked pork spare ribs, generously slathered in a jerk marinade, crowned with a crunchy pork crackling & fresh lime served all served with a house-made sunshine slaw. Heaven. There is something about pork and coleslaw that I just can’t fault. And the added crunch of peanuts just topped this dish off like nothing else. Get this, you will not be disappointed!


With over 100 rums to choose from, an amazing music selection and above all and some of the juiciest jerk frickin’ chicken I have tasted, this bar is not like other rum bars you find here in Sydney. Rosie’s are hospitable, to the point you feel like you are at your grans house; you know the type of gran who just wants to feed you because you look too skinny. In other words, these guys actually want you to stay and enjoy yourself, rather than hurrying you out the door to make room for another costumer. I love Rosie’s and you can guarantee that I will be back, again and again.





Photography © by Kara’s Rum Quest – Copyright: All rights reserved.


This article is posted on karasrumquest.com – All rights reserved – Copyright © 2016.