So here we are, the last bottle of my El Dorado rum trilogy. So far, this little box of samples has left me enlightened yet rather perplexed. You see, I always assumed the older a rum gets in age, the better it is. Well that is not the case for ol’, El Dorado here. In my eyes, 12 Year Old gets a much higher vote on the taste scale then old mate, 15 Year Old. So how will 21 Year Old compare… well let’s find out, shall we 🙂


Appearance: As to be expected; looks like a standard aged rum: golden brown in colour and wet to the touch.

Aroma: The aroma is pretty citrusy to be honest. Alongside the smell of dates and brown sugar, there is a very distinguished orangey smell that stands out the most to me.


Taste: As I took my first sip, I was instantly hit with the most incredibly warming sensation. Dried fruit, toffee, brown sugar and spices made for a wonderful, sweet experience. The after-burn was nowhere in sight and that made me happier than you could ever imagine. For a slight moment, I even contemplated whether El Dorado 12 Year Old had met it’s match. That was until the orange peel taste set in, resulting  in an overwhelming dry finish. This is not always a bad thing, in-fact I’ve had a few dry rums in the past that I have rather enjoyed. I guess the sweet smell this rum has gave the impression that it would have a pretty silky smooth finish. Either way, it is very good up until that point.


Conclusion:  Out of all three of these rums, El Dorado 21 Year Old sits happily at second place for me.El Dorado 12 Year Old comes first due to it’s sweet and smooth nature. El Dorado 15 Year Old comes last due to it’s overall bitterness.


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