If you ever find yourself looking for a refreshing tipple around Miami Beach, I beg you to get your butt over to Sweet Liberty! Just to clarify, this is not a paid feature; I just bloody loved it there. Exposed brickwork, retro leather diner booth seats, tropical wallpaper and a shrine of booze from floor to ceiling behind the bar. This place consists of everything I could have ever wanted from Miami!


We arrived during Sweet Liberty’s happy hour. I ordered a Classic Daiquiri for just $5, which is pretty much a steal in Miami! A healthy dose of Platino Atlantico Rum, lime and sugar syrup is all they use for this cocktail. This simple mixture resulted in a wonderfully smooth, clean, citrusy cocktail with a little bite.



For me, this bar is pretty much the only bar in Miami Beach that I would recommend friends to go visit. Seriously, Miami Beach’s bar life could learn a thing or two from this place: amazing service, amazing drinks and an amazing space.


Thank you Sweet Liberty!

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Address237 20th St B, Miami Beach, FL 33139, USA


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