Goodbye social life!

My course books have arrived and I have a sudden surge of regret running through my body! I’m not sure how I thought I would be able to juggle studying for a Certificate IV along with buying a house, dealing with a pup who is going through shitty adolescence, keeping this blog up and running as well as working full time! To say I am feeling a little frazzled is an understatement. So after filling out some pre-course tasks, I was in much need of a pretty strong drink.

I have been pretty obsessed with Bacardi Ocho 8 Year Old Rum lately, so decided to treat myself to a glass of that (on the rocks) in an attempt to settle my nerves.

Now, there have been some mixed reviews about this rum but I am not one to gossip, you can read those for yourselves elsewhere. All I know is that this rum is smooth, spicy and a little rough around the edges. You won’t find any sweetness here. This rum is more on par with a really tasty whisky than a caramel, honey, chocolate dripping rum- exactly what I needed.

It’s going to be a long six months ahead of me…. and I am already half way through the bottle! GAH!!!

Wish me luck guys!

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5 thoughts on “BACARDI OCHO 8 YEAR OLD RUM review

  1. I am excited to read more about rum. I didn’t have any appreciation for it until I had Havana Club in Cuba. I have an unopened bottle of 7 yr calling my name. I went to the Bacardi factory in Puerto Rico years ago but don’t remember if I got to try the 8 yr. Rum isn’t that popular in California so it is not easy to find special ones. I was surprised at how rum starts to taste like whisky as it ages.

    1. I have heard nothing but good things about Havana Club Añejo 7, so I would be excited to hear what you think about it when you crack that bad boy open 🙂
      Yes, My husband is a big rum fan but now he has moved onto Whiskey. I am not there yet, as I much prefer the sweetness of rum… but a few months back I did not like drinking rum straight and now I love it, so I doubt whisky will be far off from me.