I was inspired to start this blog on a night out in good ol’ Sydney. I was at a well known rum bar, no doubt expressing my sheer love for said liquor and a friend suggested I set up a blog. Since then I have met some incredible people, drank the most amazing rums, learnt so much about the rum industry and more… but there is still so much more I want to learn. So this blog has been set up to push me to meet many more people amazing people, interview said amazing people and educate everyone who stumbles across this little safe haven of mine 🙂

And now, for some Q&A.

What is your name? My name is Kara (surprise!)I was named after Supergirl, although it was a close call between that and Wonder Woman’s name, Diana – can you tell my mum is a bit of a comic book fan? 

What made you want to start a blog? My love of rum and my need to learn and taste them all. I feel compelled to broaden my rum pallet outside the sweet, sweet boundaries of Sailor Jerry.

Are you a full-time blogger? Sadly not. I work a 9-5 job in a wonderful little events and activations agency here in Sydney.

Where are you from? London, Islington is where I was born and raised.

Where do you live? Sydney is where I happily reside now with my husband and our little fur baby.

When did you first try rum? I had my very first taste of rum in a little pub in Brixton- sadly I can’t remember the name of it. My husband and I dropped in there before heading to a Seasick Steve Concert at The Brixton Academy way back in 2009!

Who takes your pictures? I take 99% of the photos you see here and on my other social media pages. The other 1% is from my super talented husband.

Favorite food? Yum Cha… but I am also partial to anything that is battered and fried.

Favourite place you’ve ever traveled? I have traveled to so many amazing places: India, Egypt, Italy, Jordan, Jerusalem, Caribbean, to mention a few… but nothing to this day has beat Gili Trawangan in Indonesia. It is the last place we stopped off on our honeymoon and it blew me away. The highlight, swimming with giant turtles just off the beach shore line.

Anything I missed? Comment below and I’d be happy to answer! 

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