It’s starting to get hot out there in the streets of Sydney… like, really hot! Those who know me know that I am not built for the heat. If I am not ducking and diving to some sort of shade, I am looking for a quick and easy way to cool off. Queue, ‘Freeze + Squeeze, Captain Morgan and Cola’ pouches taste testing.


For those who are not sure what the whole ‘Freeze and Squeeze’ element is, I’ll explain it to ya. These frozen pouches are pre-mixed ice drinks. All you need to do is pop one in your freezer until frozen. When you are ready to drink, give the pouch a squeeze, pour the contents into a glass and get yo sip on- simplicity at it’s best.

I left my Captain Morgan and Cola pouch in the freezer for eight hours- like it recommends on the back of the pouch. When ready, I took it out of the freezer, crushed up the pouch to loosen up the frozen drink and poured the rum based slushy into a glass.


Smell: The initial smell of the rum was pretty overwhelming when I cut the pouch open. Not the usual Captain Morgan smell, but a more metallic smell.

Taste: I wish I knew what kind of Cola was used in this mix as I found it super, super sweet. And not the nice sweet, it was more of a sickly, syrupy, artificial sweet.

Best for: These are awesome for those trips to the beach with an eski, a house party where you don’t have the time to make your guests a drink or even a BBQ/Picnic in the park. They are just so convenient and quick. If I had a party, these would be great to have as a back up in the freezer to serve my guests.


Overview: Not that bad to be honest- considering all of the above. Although pretty sweet, it was a pretty nice to drink and are fuss free. I found them refreshing, packed full of rum and actually pretty moreish. I can see the younger generation really enjoying these, or for time strapped people like myself.